It is a purposeful and comprehensive system that will help you to reconnect with your reasons for setting up your business; review your goals for yourself and your business; log where you, as a business, are today and refocus on your growth path for the future.

The value is immeasurable!

In essence this tool is a snapshot of where your business is at any one point in time, so it can be completed at any time during your financial year.  Needless to say, if it is done at the beginning of your financial year, you have a whole year to work ‘on’ your business, thus setting yourself up for a bigger and brighter picture of your business at year end.

Specifically, this tool looks at six key areas of your business –

For an investment of 15 minutes of your time to complete the Business Health Check, you are setting yourself up to drive your business to achieve the goals that you want for your business and for you and your business