Business Diagnostic
The Business Diagnostic (BD) Session is the next step of the Business Development Process after you have completed the Business Health Check (BHC) on your business.

It is an integral part of the process as we help you grow the profit potential of your business, or, to help you achieve your goals, whatever it is, for you and for your business. For instance, your goal may be to increase the value of your business as you plan an imminent exit strategy, be it ‘succession’ or ‘selling’ to the highest bidder, or Franchising! The BD process involves you spending a maximum of two hours with us at our offices.

So why do you need to attend this crucial face to face BD Session with us?

  • We will present you with the results of our analysis on your completed Business Health Check.
  • We will highlight the key issues from your BHC that are creating a sense of urgency within your business and which may be holding the growth potential of your business to ransom.
  • We will suggest a list of strategies to follow which will be directly linked to those negative key issues we have identified within your business.
  • You then have the opportunity to engage with us on the precise strategies you want to embark on first, deferring the others to a later stage of this cycle.
  • We will outline how closely we will be working with you post this BD session with you.
  • We will specifically illustrate to you exactly how we will monitor the respective tasks either for completion or for reassessment, should it be necessary.

You will not be given a list of strategies to follow or a path to charter on your own!